This is a hasty home page for CdBk to release it to public in shortest time possible. It will get tarted-up some time.

CdBk-0.6.5 is out!
This release brings non-critical bug fixes, a new config parm (RETRIES) to limit number of verification retries, removal of a config parm (-l), some nice-to-have features, and some tuning here and there. See the Changelog for complete list.

CdBk is an open sourced CD-RW based backup manager mainly for servers with the least administrative hassle possible. While it is originally written for server (batch) use, it is equally at home with personal (online) uses.

Since there is a range of backup utilities on the net, Introduction part of CdBk Manual is specially designed to help you quickly gather whether CdBk is for you or not. So please take a look in the manual first. Also note that you will find the latest version of the manual here in this site, before it gets included in the next release of CdBk.

After downloading, put it in a directory where you want to install CdBk, and issue :
# tar  jxvf  cdbk-0.6.x.tar.bz2

or, if your version of tar doesn't support "j" flag, you can do it in two steps:
# bunzip2  cdbk-0.6.x.tar.bz2
# tar  xvf  cdbk-0.6.x.tar
This will create cdbk-06x directory. Change into cdbk-06x/docs and there you will find cdbk-manual.html and cdbk.conf files. Read them to start.

Last, but not least, backup reliability is a serious matter. Although I use it on my server (as well as desktop) backups with no problem, CdBk is still to be considered alpha. So please don't gamble on it, and test your backups yourself before depending on CdBk. Please read the License and No-Warranty .

My two liras..

Abdullah Ramazanoglu

Last update: 2514

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